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7/18/11blog post

why we need Children's Hospitals

Bailey Allen

In a few days, Bailey Allen will be traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress and talk about the importance of children’s hospitals. Here is what she is going to share:

We need children’s hospitals because they are special places! They are special places because they make miracles happen. Children’s hospitals save lives with the special equipment they have that other hospitals don’t, such as the giraffe bed. When a baby is born too small they are put into the giraffe bed.

Children’s hospitals have so many different types of special equipment because they treat children from a newborn baby to an 18 year old!! Also all of the nurses and doctors that work at children’s hospitals are very caring and helpful. They treat you like you are family when you are being treated there! It is like another home and another family when you are there. Children’s hospitals are just right for kids because they know how to treat kids.