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5/16/12blog post

rather ironic I would say!

I don’t know if you can call it life imitating art but life imitating an article it is! Over the weekend Mary was being chased by her father through the house and fell flat on her face, with the binkie, onto our hardwood floor. Unfortunately, the little one was bleeding in the mouth. She also has a tooth coming in (finally – it’s been 15 1/2 months!) so needless to say her little mouth is in a world of hurt.

I found it ironic when I came into work today and ready this article about the dangers of binkies, bottles and sippy cups (I know – seriously, what next).

So of course, I feel like that bad mom who still have a 15 1/2 month old using a binkie, not just walking but running through the house.

This article brings up some good points – kids shouldn’t be running or walking with things in the mouths, including food, and probably a good time to start weaning is as they begin walking. Food for thought.