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7/13/11blog post

the life (strait) jacket

When my father found out I was pregnant (maybe even before) he purchased life jackets for his grandchildren. I know he dreams of the day when he can take his grandchildren canoeing, camping and fishing. This summer we started the tradition by taking Mary on the boat when we visited my parents in Northern Wisconsin.

Aside from it being the law, Mary was required to be in a US Coast Guard approved lifejacket appropriate for her age and weight – since I am her mother and need to follow the rules.

However, I realized how hard this safety stuff is.

She hated it – imagine a pristine lake, surrounded by trees, eagles flying overhead, my father casting – and Mary screaming! She detested the lifejacket. The moment we put it on her she screamed and the only thing she could do console herself was to fall asleep. But the moment she would wake up – screaming again!

I don’t know if it was the extra bulk that she had to carry or how it was tighter to her body – or maybe just the heat – but all I know is that my daughter abhorred the life jacket.

And there were so many moments that we thought – we are going slow, we’re stopped because we are fishing, we are on a pontoon boat not a speed boat – but rules are rules and what was safest for Mary was to keep her in the strait jacket.

No doubt this won’t be the last time that Mary isn’t happy with my decision to keep her safe. Regardless of the tears or screams – I know this is requirement of being a parent.

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