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7/27/11blog post

am I ready for this?

I’m amazed at how much Mary grows each and every day. After our trip to Wisconsin I feel like she is growing and developing at lightning speed. It’s amazing to watch her use her small fingers to grabs her toys or feel a new texture of fabric. She’s also experimenting with sound – an boy is she loud!

But scariest to me - she has started to put everything in her mouth. I’ve obviously taught my husband well because the other day he said to me, “Jessica, maybe we need to start checking for things on the floor like pennies before we put Mary down to play.”

And I swear – just last week she couldn’t roll and would stay in one place – now she is not only rolling backwards and forwards but is showing signs of a crawl. Lookout world! Oh goodness – am I ready for this?

Guess it’s time to start childproofing! I’ll let you know how it goes!