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6/5/13blog post

all locked up

A couple months ago I shared how were are working to prevent a jail break as Mary now knows how to open doors. So I think we've got the getting out problem solved - but what about the "locking out/in" problem?

Case in point. I was watching MTV's Teen Mom 2 (don't judge - I get a lot of good blog ideas from that show!). One of the young moms was getting ready in the morning and her toddler ran back into the bedroom, locked the door and went back to sleep. The teen mom was locked out of the bedroom. Luckily, she was able to use a screw driver to get the door unlocked.

When we moved into our new house and one of us accidentally bumped the bathroom lock and the pulled the door shut we quickly realized how easy it could be for Mary to be locked in or out of one of our rooms or even worse - the bathroom. Since the locks serve a pretty good function for those of us that would like privacy in the bathroom - taking the locks off wasn't going to work. We did, however, plan should one of us get locked out (or Mary locked in) we would know where to find the appropriate key to unlock the door.

I think being locked out or locked in could happen to anyone - teen mom or Jessica. It's good to have a plan to quickly get to a child who may have accidentally locked the door.