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2/5/18 news article

Purity Home Products donates $1,000 worth of high quality Purity Air Filters™ to Dayton Children’s Hospital asthma program

Purity Home Products, a Columbus, Ohio, provider of high quality air filters, contributed 50 home air filters to Dayton Children’s Hospital for the asthma home visiting program.

“This program is a perfect fit for our outreach efforts,” says Kris Chandra, Purity Home Products president. “It allows us to place the highly efficient Purity filters, which reduce harmful pollutants, allergens and bacteria in the air, into the homes of families that will benefit the most. The Purity Home Filter uses a five-step filtration system that has been scientifically proven to remove 99% of ragweed and 97% of nettle pollen in independent laboratory testing, so we know it will help children with asthma breathe a little easier.” 

Kathleen McAndrews, Purity Air Filters; Synthia Copher, Dayton Children's community health worker; Belinda Huffman, BS, RRT-CPFT, RCP, Dayton Children's pulmonary health and diagnostics coordinator

Dayton Children’s Hospital asthma home visiting program is part of the Dayton Asthma Alliance, which aims to positively impact the health and wellness of children with asthma in the Dayton area, focusing on the most at-risk populations. Using a collective impact framework, the Alliance engages local, state and national members, as well as other partner organizations, to collaboratively implement a variety of strategic actions to improve outcomes for children with asthma.

The asthma home visits are educational for families and include resources to help them prevent asthma attacks and hospital visits that may be needed for a severe attack. “We know so much of a child’s health has to do with the environment in which he or she lives,” says Jessica Saunders, director, Office of Community Health and Engagement Programs at Dayton Children’s. “Clean air is especially important for kids with asthma.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports asthma is the most common chronic condition affecting children younger than 18 years of age. Children with asthma are often limited in their ability to live to their fullest potential, have increased absences from school, are more likely to be hospitalized or even die.  The CDC estimates asthma costs the United States $56 billion a year and historically Ohio’s asthma prevalence has exceeded national rates.  Recent data suggests that Dayton-area figures are even larger.

“We are proud to partner with Dayton Children’s to serve the needs of children with asthma and provide them a better quality of life,” says Chandra.


Purity Home Products is a 30-year-old family-owned business based in Columbus, Ohio that manufactures furnace and air conditioning filters. Purity’s mission is to provide the best products and services at competitive prices with the highest commitment to customer service and its products. Purity employs a five stage filtration process that is highly efficient and can reduce harmful pollutants in the air and destroy bacteria. Purity products have been rated with a 5 star rating consistently by customers. For more information on Purity, please visit call 614.542.9999.


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