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4/22/16blog post

4 tips for Earth Day fun!

gardening kidsBy Dr. Stacy Meyer

Happy Earth Day!

What fun things do you have planned to celebrate our Mother Earth? Our family has been celebrating all week as we have planted trees in the back of our property and set up rain barrels for water conservation.

Whether you are cleaning up litter, planting trees or just enjoying the sunshine here are a few friendly reminders to keep you and your little ones safe!

  1. Remember that sunscreen! I know we are so excited to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and maybe we all forgot how unforgiving that sun can be. Be sure to apply at least SPF 15 and to reapply as you stay out during the day
  2. Be sure to wear bright colors and watch carefully if you are picking up litter or doing park clean-up activities so that cars can see you well and you can easily watch your littles! (Of course be careful when driving this weekend also as groups are engaging in these street side activities!)
  3. Wear protective clothing such as hats and long pants or use a bug spray with at least 20 percent DEET to protect yourself from ticks while in long grasses or wooded areas. You can also purchase Premethrin treated clothing to help repel ticks when you know you will be exposed. In Ohio ticks can transmit many diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, lyme disease, anaplasmosis , ehrlichiosis and babesiosis so it is important to be vigilant during warm months.
  4. Be sure to review water safety with your children before going and watch children closely with any activities that are near the water’s edge.

We would love to hear your plans to celebrate Earth Day with your family!