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setting up your device

Don’t wait until you’re sick. Before you get started make sure you have the MyChart and TytoCare apps downloaded and have your Wi-Fi password ready. Note: do not create an account in the TytoCare app.

how to set up your TytoHome device

  1. Log into MyChart app - Log into your MyKidsChart account (Note - if this is your first time logging in,
    select ‘Dayton Children’s Hospital' as your organization). If you do not have an existing Dayton Children’s MyKidsChart account, please call 877-355-3155 to create one.
  2. Select your child's account and find TytoCare - In the MyChart app, (*click on your initial in the top right-hand corner*) and select your child’s MyKidsChart account. Next, open the menu and tap ‘Tyto-Care Device Pairing’.
  3. Set up TytoCare - Follow the instructions in the TytoCare app to complete the setup before your first visit. For additional support, please call TytoCare Support at 844-208-3826.
  4. Complete set up for multiple children (if needed) - For each child within your household, select their MyKidsChart account, open the menu and tap ‘TytoCare Device Pairing’. Note: you will not need to complete step 3 again. Look for the green icon in the upper right hand corner to confirm set up
    complete prior to moving to next child.
  5. Complete a welcome visit - Before leaving the TytoCare app, select the ‘Start a Welcome Visit’ button on the home screen to complete your free 15-minute Welcome Visit with a virtual trainer.