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5/19/23 news article

36 Dayton Children’s physicians recognized as “Dayton Best Docs!”

Dayton Children’s recently had 36 physicians recognized by Dayton Magazine for their “Dayton Best Docs” issue.

The physicians, ranging in specialties from pediatric ENT to neurosurgery, were nominated by peers, patients and the general public for the magazine’s annual issue.

“The number of our physicians recognized for their quality by Dayton Magazine’s “Dayton Best Docs” issue is exciting, but not surprising,” said Adam Mezoff, MD, chief medical officer and vice president at Dayton Childrens. “At Dayton Children’s, we have a culture and a standard of high-quality pediatric care provided by high quality people.”

The providers on the list, included:

  1. Abiodun Omoloja, MD, MBA - nephrology            
  2. Ankur M. Patel, DO, MPH - pediatric otolaryngology (ENT)            
  3. Arturo Aranda, MD, FACS, CPE - pediatric surgery             
  4. Christopher Bugnitz, MD - pediatric cardiology   
  5. Daniel Evans, MD - pediatric pulmonology           
  6. David Morris, MD - pediatric allergy        
  7. Dhritiman Gurkha, MD - emergency medicine    
  8. Dustin Fleck, MD - rheumatology             
  9. Elisabeth Wynne, MD - pediatric surgery              
  10. Elizabeth Bacon, DO - pediatric pulmonology      
  11. Elizabeth Ey, MD - pediatric radiology     
  12. Erin Dahlinghaus, MD, MHS - nephrology             
  13. Harpinder Kalra, MD - pediatric allergy  
  14. Irma Reyes, DO - neurology        
  15. J. Michael Klatte, MD - infectious disease             
  16. John Roebel, MD - pediatric radiology    
  17. Jordan M. Wright, MD - pediatric oncology          
  18. Joseph E. Ross, MD - pediatric cardiology              
  19. Katherine Winner, MD - child & adolescent psychiatry    
  20. Kristen Spisak, MD – pain management
  21. Lionel Chow, MD - pediatric oncology    
  22. Lora Scott, MD – sports medicine
  23. Mark Minor, MD - pediatric pulmonology             
  24. Michael Kallile, MD, FAAP - anesthesiology          
  25. Mukund Dole, MD - pediatric oncology  
  26. Oliver Soldes, MD, FACS, FAAP – pediatric surgery
  27. Olutoye Osunbunmi, MD - neonatal-perinatal medicine 
  28. Pramodha Muniyappa, MD - pediatric gastroenterology
  29. Rachael Courtney, DO - pediatric hematology     
  30. Ravindhra G. Elluru, MD – pediatric otolaryngology (ENT)              
  31. Rob Lober, MD, PhD, FAANS - neurosurgery
  32. Salim Mancho, DO, FACS – plastic surgery
  33. Sarah Van Nostrand, DO - neonatal-perinatal medicine  
  34. Sean Bingham, DO - pediatric gastroenterology                 
  35. Shelly Rustagi, MD - pediatric gastroenterology
  36. Zachary C Madson, DO, MA, FAAP – pediatric internal medicine

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