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what is a brand?

Certain companies evoke a feeling, a mental image, a connection. All you have to do is speak their name or see their symbol and you instantly recall that feeling, image or connection.

That is a Brand.

You gained that feeling, image or connection through a combination of influences. Some of them were advertisements and marketing messages, or from friends’ experiences, news coverage and social media posts. But the most powerful impression is always personal. Your personal experience with a company, product or employee makes the biggest impact.

That’s why it is so important for every employee, every vendor, every volunteer to live our brand every day, in every experience. Each interaction you have – whether it be caring for a child inside the hospital, sending an email, making a phone call or making a presentation – must be consistent and on Brand. Each interaction either reinforces or erodes our Brand reputation.

Brand includes not only using the logo correctly but speaking, writing and acting consistently with our brand values. This guide will help you find your Brand voice when you are unsure.