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hand hygiene

why is this a priority to us?

  • Hand hygiene is simply cleaning your hands, which can be done using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (i.e. Purell®).
  • Clean hands prevent the spread of germs and helps keep patients healthy

what are we doing to prioritize hand hygiene?

  • Continuous emphasis on education for employees, including the importance of hand hygiene compliance and proper technique.
  • Patient care locations receive their hand hygiene data regularly. If below our goal of 92%, they are asked for improvement action plan.
  • Dayton Children's encourages employees and patient families to kindly remind any employee who may forget to complete their hand hygiene.

what do we measure?

  • Specially trained observers casually observe other employees entering and leaving patient rooms. They watch for either washing with soap and water or using the hand sanitizer.
  • The graph shows the percent of hand hygiene compliance. Dayton Children's goal is a compliance of greater than 92%.