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Dayton Children’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy values the uniqueness of each staff member and every patient and their family by ensuring all feel welcome in a fair and just environment of care that is free from structural barriers.  When our staff can bring their full selves to work, we know our patients will receive better and more equitable care.

We named equity as one of our hospital values because it is what we aspire to as an institution. We know through honest dialogue, deliberate actions, and structural changes we will achieve this vision. 

what is health equity?

Health equity is Dayton Children’s commitment to ensuring that every child achieves their optimal health. To do so requires intentional work to remove the barriers children and their families face in both the clinical environment and the community.

equity and anti-racism

As we continue our quest to achieve our mission of optimal health for every child within our reach, we need to clearly understand the challenges our families face. It is undeniable that racial disparities, discrimination, and systemic racism impact our patients, families, and our staff. 

Our work in equity specifically identifies the need to name and address racism where it exists.

Racism and discrimination are adverse childhood experiences that can affect a child’s sense of safety and security, and lead to poor health outcomes. 

We also know that many groups experience discrimination and inequities and therefore we are committed to deliver the best care possible regardless of age, race, sex, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background, language, or socioeconomic status. 

our three areas of focus

Our work focuses on three complimentary and reinforcing areas to advance health equity for our team members and the children and families we serve.

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equitable and inclusive organizational policies and culture

Fueled by an inclusive mindset, we believe our staff should be reflective of our community and the patients we serve.

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doctor with a patient

personalized patient care

Personalizing an experience that considers the diverse experience and unique situation of each family is necessary to achieve health equity.

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community engaged work

Dayton Children’s engages intentionally and authentically with the communities we serve so that the paths we reinvent are equitable, giving each child what they need to achieve their best health.

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