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how we measure quality

Quality and Safety are the two over-arching priorities for all that we do at Dayton Children’s.

Quality care means that Dayton Children’s doctors and staff are constantly striving to meet the expectations of our parents, families and patients. We want to provide expert care and do so in a safe manner, using evidence-based care.

Evidence-based care includes three basic parts:

  1. Those who care for your child should have the best clinical expertise and experience related to your child’s diagnosis.
  2. The doctors and nurses need to understand and respect your preferences and values in caring for your child and your family.
  3. The clinical staff will strive to use the best clinical research available when developing a treatment plan for your child’s diagnosis.

Validating that the care delivered results in good clinical outcomes for our patients is important in supporting our mission. We have identified many indicators that help us measure quality.

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