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sickle cell pain and fever

One of the most challenging aspects of sickle cell disease is the severe pain and frequent infections experienced by children with the disease. Pain is caused by the sickle-shaped blood cells getting stuck in narrow blood vessels, blocking the flow of blood. Because this can lead to organ damage or failure, it is important that the pain be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Fever may also signal a serious health crisis.

Appropriate medicines must be given as quickly as possible to prevent serious complications. For this reason, Dayton Children’s tracks how quickly children presenting with pain, fever or both are treated.

Dayton Children's also educates parents and/or caregivers so that they can manage their child's pain and fever promptly. This includes having an appropriate home treatment pain plan and making sure to call the attending hematologist at Dayton Children's before coming to the emergency room.

At Dayton Children's, we strive to ensure that our sickle cell patients receive their pain and /or fever medications within 60-90 minutes of arrival.

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