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In general, videography follows the same visual and usage criteria as outlined for photography. The treatment examples shown here demonstrate how the visual identity elements are used to create title screens and on screen captions. Refer to the visual identity section for the proper use of elements such as the logo mark, color palette, typography and the w ribbon.

Use the optional treatments consistently. Do not interchange them within a respective video. A minimally active animation style using basic dissolves, wipes and moves is preferred.

font suggestions and sizes

For video supers

  1. Gotham Medium
  2. Proxima Nova
  3. Arial


  1. Name slides – 35pt
  2. Description – 22pt/24pt
  3. Title – 48pt
  4. Description – 30pt

option 1

Recommended for general use. Titles and captions are basic text over video.


option 2

Recommended for educational videos. Titles and captions are basic text over w ribbons.


closing animation

Use as standard closing for any video. Two versions of this animation are available. One is on white and the other version has an alpha channel to appear over a primarily solid color image.

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