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The Dayton Children’s visual identity system has been applied to three basic vehicle types: ambulance, car and SUV. Use these examples as reference to determine the appropriate size and configuration of all vehicle applications.

  • The base color of all vehicles must be bright white, for overall fleet consistency.
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit and Courier: these vehicles have been approved to carry a super graphic version of the whirligig and word mark on their sides in full color along with vehicle function copy. The back side carries the preferred full-color logo mark and function copy. The MICU also includes a sponsor logo on the back. The area allotted for a sponsor logo is 6 inches square and reproduced in full color.
  • Cars and SUVs: the sides carry the Dayton Children’s nested logo mark in full color. Vehicle function copy is shown in grey on the left front panel. The appropriate logo configuration will be determined by the available space on an individual vehicle.

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