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translating the brand among audiences

Dayton Children’s is a large organization, with many different groups of people interacting every day. Doctors would not talk to doctors the same way they would talk to patients. We would not talk with employees the same way we would talk with donors. In each group of people there is a common language that is understood. However if you step outside that group, concepts and jargon that are familiar to you will not be understood as easily. A few of our key groups include:

  • Patients and families
  • Employees
  • Community physicians
  • Media
  • Legislators
  • Donors
  • Vendors
  • Visitors
  • Professional organizations

The Brand voice should always be consistent among our many audiences. The key is evoking the same emotions. That means you always have to know your audience. Consider who you are talking to and what their background is. Will they understand medical terminology or do you need to use different words to explain the procedure? Do they know the different hospital entrances or do you need to show maps or give more explicit directions?

Our goal is for clear, consistent communication however we also want all our audiences to feel the following emotions when they have an interaction with us:

  • Valued
  • Comforted
  • Assured
  • Inspired

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