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The Dayton Children’s visual brand identity provides flexibility when applying to promotional items and apparel. White backgrounds are preferred and the logo mark area of isolation is critical to maintain. Other acceptable applications are shown in the examples below.


Embroidered promotional items must adhere to the following size standards when using the Dayton Children’s Hospital logo:

  • The whirligig must be a minimum of 1″ in diameter.
  • In the logotype, the minimum height of the letters (“d” for example), is 5/16″.

If reproduced smaller than stated above the white star and logotype will become distorted.

Thread color equivalents:
  • PMS 542, Blue: RA 2206
  • PMS 7577, Orange: RA 2289
  • PMS 383, Green: RA 2548
  • PMS 130, Yellow: RA 2464
  • PMS 7439, Purple: RA 2424
  • PMS Cool Gray 8, Gray: RA 2731

Dayton Children’s has a preferred supplier for promotional products. For all requests, please email

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