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logomark guidelines

proper use

Proper use of the Dayton Children’s logo mark builds brand recognition and reinforces brand consistency across all communications. To protect our logo and to maintain a consistent image, it is important to understand these basics. The preferred color use of the logo mark is full color, on a white background. This version should be used whenever possible. When the preferred use is not feasible, the following variations (and only these color variations) may be used:

1. Full color (preferred)

2. Grayscale

3. Logo on light background

4. One color (black)

5. Full color on PMS Black 2 (the star in the center always remains white)

6. White reverse, out of PMS Black 2 or a dark color background (the star punches out to reveal the background color)

logomark improper use

To ensure the logo remains our exclusive property, always use it correctly. Do not substitute or alter the word mark, change colors, use the whirligig or type independently, create a non-approved color variation, modify the relationship of the whirligig to the word mark, apply over a photo, or add elements to the logo mark. It’s important to focus on the need for consistency among our patients and their families. Given that, department names combined with the logo mark are not permitted (refer to Soin Center example shown).




logomark lockup proper use

As we manage our master brand, it is important to ensure there is no patient-family confusion around such. Given that, senior leaders have agreed not to include department names within the logo. While this may be a change for some areas, it’s important that we focus on the needs for consistency among patient-families.


logomark lockup improper use



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