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10/16/19 news article

Dayton Children’s physicians named to prestigious 2019-2020 Best Doctors In America® List

Dayton Children’s affiliated-physicians have been peer selected to the Best Doctors in America® List for 2019-2020.  Approximately, four percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor, as a result of the biennial Best Doctors Poll.  Each listed physician has received peer consensus as a physician from whom other physicians would seek care and is verified as being clinically active with an active medical license free from disqualifying disciplinary actions.


A selected Best Doctor doesn’t remain in the database forever. The peer-review process requires every listed physician to be re-evaluated by their peers in each poll.  Best Doctors does not pay physicians to be included in the database, nor can physicians or their organizations pay Best Doctors.  A physician cannot apply to become a Best Doctors physician. The only way for a physician to be selected is to be nominated by and then receive voting consensus from current Best Doctors physicians.

As a result, Best Doctors has a proprietary, global database of physicians – free from commercial and financial bias—numbering more than 50,000 in over 450 specialties and subspecialties worldwide.  There are close to 40,000 Best Doctors physicians in the U.S. 

The physicians included in the Best Doctors in America® database provide the most advanced medical expertise and knowledge to patients with serious conditions – often saving lives in the process by finding the right diagnosis and right treatment. Dayton Children’s group of experts listed in the database includes world-class specialists in gastroenterology, pulmonology, surgery and many more.

Dayton Children's Hospital

           Sherman J. Alter                                     Pediatric specialist/infectious disease 

           Norman Douglas Baker                          Ophthalmology

           Michael D. Bates                                    Pediatric specialist/gastroenterology

           Ann E. Burke                                          Pediatrics

           Allison E. Cowan                                    Psychiatry

           Curt J. Daniels                                        Pediatric specialist/Cardiovascular Disease

           Mukund Dole                                          Pediatric specialist/hematology/oncology

           John C. Duby                                         Pediatric specialist/developmental pediatrics

           Greg M. Eberhart                                   Pediatrics

           Ravi Elluru                                             Pediatric specialist/ENT/airway surgery

           Elizabeth H. Ey                                      Pediatric specialist/radiology

           John H. Greinwald, Jr.                            Pediatric specialist

           Sara F. Guerrero-Duby                           Pediatrics

           Adam Mezoff                                          Pediatric specialist/gastroenterology

           Gary A. Mueller                                      Pediatric specialist/pulmonology

           Abiodun A. Omoloja                               Pediatric specialist/nephrology

           John Manford Pascoe                            Pediatrics

           Alonzo Patterson III                                Pediatrics

           Michelle A. Potts                                     Pediatric specialist/physical medicine and rehabilitation

           Joseph E. Ross                                       Pediatric specialist/cardiology

           Shehzad A. Saeed                                   Pediatric specialist/gastroenterology

           Oliver S. Soldes                                      Pediatric specialist/surgery

           Michael G. Vish                                      Pediatric specialist/critical care

           Gary M. Youra                                        Pediatrics

about Best Doctors, Inc.
Best Doctors is a division of Teladoc Health, the global leader in virtual care. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, Best Doctors is a global benefits provider and medical information services company that connects individuals facing difficult medical treatment decisions with the best doctors, selected by impartial peer review in over 450 subspecialties of medicine, to review their diagnosis and treatment plans.  Best Doctors has grown to over 40 million members worldwide.

The innovative services offered by Best Doctors include access to an unrivaled database of physicians who have been selected as the best in their field by other leading doctors. The Company also employs leading analytics and technology platforms that help people in need get the right diagnosis and treatment plan, which significantly improves health outcomes while reducing costs.

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