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Nurses work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary care team at Dayton Children’s to provide high quality, evidence-based care to the children and families we serve. We support the hospital mission, vision and values of the organization through a service excellence environment. Excellence in nursing practice is the goal of each interaction with children and their families. We accomplish this through a nursing professional environment, family centered care, and a Synergy model of professional practice .

Our service excellence environment is our pledge to a culture of organizational values that form the basis of our ethical standards in dealing with our patients and families, all of our customers, and each other. This environment fosters collaboration and a partnership to excel in meeting the needs and expectations of our patients and families. Dayton Children’s supports a service excellence environment based on our:

Our nursing professional practice environment is designed to develop each of us individually as nurses as well as define and improve the process in which we deliver care. The practice environment includes identifying practice problems, conducting and utilizing research, evaluating quality improvement, and integrating those findings into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. Through continuing education, professional growth, and lifelong learning we support both the art and the science of nursing. Our nursing professional practice environment integrates the following:

  • Advocacy for all children
  • Clinical and professional learning environment
  • Code of ethics for nurses
  • Supporting and developing a diverse nursing population
  • Providing professional community outreach
  • Incorporating evidence based practice
  • The use of research methods and findings
  • Serving as a pediatric nursing education resource
  • Advances in technology

Professional advancement and life-long learning are essential to creating and retaining a strong nurse workforce. We support such growth through our clinical advancement program, IMPACTS (Improving My Professional Advancement Career Through Synergy).

family centered care

Family centered care supports family involvement in care to ensure quality, safety and consistency. We believe that each child is a unique and integral part of a family unit. Families are involved throughout the course of their child’s care and are considered valued partners in care delivery. At all times, the delivery of patient care ensures respect for the dignity, values, religious, and cultural beliefs of the children and their families. The core concepts of family centered care are:

  • Dignity and respect
  • Information sharing
  • Participation
  • Collaboration

synergy model of professional practice

Our Synergy model of professional practice enables us to match care and services with the level of expertise and skills of the nurse. We are committed to providing care and services that integrate the patient and his/her family. We believe that nurses are advocates for quality health care and that they serve as the nucleus of an interdisciplinary team, which is focused on meeting the health care needs of those we serve. We have selected the Synergy model to build our practice expectations for nurses and care delivery. Synergy results when the needs of a patient, clinical unit, and system are matched with the nurse’s competencies. The Synergy competencies by which each nurse is evaluated include:

  • Clinical judgment
  • Advocacy and moral agency
  • Caring practices
  • Collaboration
  • Systems thinking
  • Response to diversity
  • Facilitation of learning
  • Clinical inquiry (innovator/evaluator)
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