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frequently asked questions

We know that applying and interviewing for a job can often be confusing and stressful. We want to try to make it as enjoyable a process as possible. Please review our frequently asked questions below. If you do not see your question answered below please contact us or join our careers group on Facebook

You can also watch our Facebook LIVE interview with some of our recruiters and hiring managers on their best tips for applying for a job and what it's like to work at Dayton Children's. 

the application process

how do I apply?

Please search for open positions using our job opening portal. Once you have found a job you want to apply for click on the “apply online” button. If this is your first time applying for a job at Dayton Children’s you will need to create an account. If you have visited the portal before you can sign in with your username and password. You will then work through the questions in the portal. You can save your information and come back to continue to work on it another time.

what do I need for my application?

Filling out your full application may take you 20 to 30 minutes so please allow that amount of time before you begin.

As you sit down to fill out the application please have:

  • Your updated electronic resume
  • Cover letter
  • List of up to five references and their contact information

when and how will I hear if I get an interview?

Once you submit your online application it will be reviewed by our HR team. If you are chosen for an interview, you will hear from someone in HR via phone to secure an interview time and location. Timing on receiving this phone call can vary based upon job function.

I currently work at Dayton Children's, how do I apply for another position?

You must apply through WorkDay by visiting the 'career' worklett and clicking 'find jobs'.

the interview process

I received an email about a video interview. what is this?

For some job positions Dayton Children’s utilizes the HireVue technology. This will allow you to record an interview on demand using your phone, tablet, or webcam on your computer. You will be given a number of interview prompts and a certain amount of time to answer these. Our team will then review your video interview and if you are a good fit will share it with the hiring manager.

where do I go for my first interview and where should I park?

You will come to 741 Valley Street (across the street from our main campus) where our human resources offices are located. There is parking in the lot next to this building.

what should I bring with me to my interview?

Please bring with you 3-5 fresh copies of your resume, a pen and pad for notes, a copy of the job description for which you are applying and 3-5 questions you would like answered by the interviewer.

how long should I plan to be there?

Please plan to be at Dayton Children’s for up to two hours during your interview.

who will I meet with?

During your interview you will meet with a human resources representative and you may meet with the hiring manager that same day. If the hiring manager is unavailable that day an additional interview will be scheduled.

what is your interview style?

At Dayton Children’s we utilize behavioral based interviewing. This is based on discovering how the interviewee acted in past and current specific employment-related situations. We will ask you specific questions about how you handled certain situations in previous positions as well as examples of how you have demonstrated our values in the past.

will I get to meet members of the team I would be working with?

Once a candidate makes it through the HR and hiring manager interviews they will be asked to participate in a peer interview. This will give the candidate a chance to meet with a select group of peers that they would be working with on a day-to-day basis.

the hiring process

how soon should I expect to hear from someone after my interview?

This varies based upon the number of applicants for a position and the number of interviews being conducted. Typically you will hear from us within a week but sometimes it will be anywhere from two to four weeks.

are there any health requirements to work at Dayton Children’s?

All prospective employees will need to complete a physical exam with employee health before beginning to work at Dayton Children’s. You will need to provide your immunization records and undergo drug testing. To best protect the children we care for, Dayton Children’s is a nicotine free organization and the annual Influenza immunization is mandatory for those working at Dayton Children's. All employees and volunteers must be vaccinated unless there is a documented and legitimate reason not to do so. During the influenza vaccination season, this is done as part of the pre-placement physical before beginning work and then on an annual basis throughout employment with Dayton Children's Hospital.

what will my orientation be like?

Our new employee orientation is designed to create a meaningful experience that threads our corporate culture as a vital part of the on-boarding experience. New employee orientation has three components: quick start, a navigator guide and a one-day event called the Dayton Children's Difference. The objectives for orientation are for all new employees to understand our values and the behaviors that reflect them, to blend service excellence and safety, and to reflect the Dayton Children’s brand. Overall, this orientation is designed to create a great experience for new employees at Dayton Children’s.

Quick start is a computer-based module, which allows users to navigate at their own pace through information that are “essentials” of what new employees need to know for their new role at Dayton Children's, such as clocking in, dress code, benefits, parking and more.

Once quick start is complete, employees will be given a navigator guide, which is a “workbook” for their first 30-60 days of on-boarding.

The navigator guide is designed for employees to learn about who we are as an organization. It is self-paced and activities are designed to educate employees. The guide provides frequently asked questions and values driven activities to build on our culture.

Finally, all new employees will attend the Dayton Children’s Difference day. This event is held on the third Wednesday of every month from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and is designed to inspire new employees to live the values, and focuses how they can specifically make a difference at Dayton Children’s.

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If you additional questions about applying for a job at Dayton Children’s please contact our human resources department at 937-641-3429.


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