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foundation board supports expanding imaging capabilities

imaging capabilities

This past year, the Dayton Children’s Foundation Board made a significant impact on patient care and the patient experience by approving a $400,000 investment to expand MRI capabilities by purchasing a 3 Tesla MRI.

The Dayton Children’s 3T MRI is the only one in the region, and provides images that are twice the quality and clarity as most of the current scanners in use, which provides better care for kids.

“The 3T MRI significantly improves our imaging capabilities,” explains Elizabeth Ey, MD, medical director of medical imaging. “The strength of the magnet produces images that enable our team to provide greater imaging detail and help us find abnormalities we could not demonstrate previously, allowing better and safer treatment options for our patients,” says Dr. Ey.

Dayton Children’s isn’t the only organization to benefit from this technology. The 3T MRI will also be used by Wright-Patterson Air Force researchers, Wright State University physicians and the Premier Health Neuroscience Institute, with the goal to improve pediatric neuroscience research in the region and enhance pediatric care.

"This new technology is not only great for the children in the region because it allows physicians and researchers to work together to understand the causes of brain diseases and implement state-of-the-art procedures for improving cognitive performance," says Dr. Ey.

The 3T MRI is just one new capability in medical imaging the Foundation Board funded this past year. The board also approved the EOS system, which reduces the radiation dose by 90 percent for identifying conditions such as scoliosis or degenerative spine conditions.

In addition to funding improved medical imaging capabilities, the Board also funded new services at Dayton Children’s, ensuring the right care is available to patients when – and where – they need it.

This includes bringing a world-renowned medical director of advanced pediatric otolaryngology to Dayton Children’s. Otolaryngology is the study of ear, nose and throat conditions. Ravi Elluru, MD, PhD, offers new services to families including airway reconstruction, head and neck tumors and vascular birth marks.

The Dayton Children’s endowment, managed by the Foundation Board, is funded primarily through planned gifts to the hospital. Leaving a lasting legacy is easy. Donors have a variety of options when including Dayton Children’s in their estate plans:

  • You may specify a dollar amount to be given to Dayton Children’s.
  • You can allocate a specific percentage of your total estate (e.g., 25 percent of the total upon passing)
  • You may allocate a percent of life insurance or retirement sum.

To learn more about including Dayton Children’s in your estate plans, call 937-641-3666, or email