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5/1/23 employee experience

Dr. Antosh, Karen Muller and Dr. Ross named Dayton Business Journal Health Care Heroes

Congratulations to Dr. Sean Anthosh, Dr. Joseph Ross and Karen Muller on being named 2023 Dayton Business Journal Health Care Heroes. 

Each year, the Dayton Business Journal shines a light on Greater Dayton health care professionals who have made an impact on the industry through their:

  • concern for patients
  • research and inventions
  • management skills
  • innovative employee programs
  • service to the poor and uninsured
  • community engagement

Twenty-nine awardees were honored with one of five awards: innovator, manager, provider, patient experience or volunteer/board. In 2022, Dr. Michael Albert, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, received the innovator award and Jayne Gmeiner, chief nursing officer, received the manager award.

Sean Antosh, MD, pediatric anesthesiologist and chief medical wellness and engagement officer - innovator award

Since joining Dayton Children's in 2016, Dr. Antosh has improved the patient experience through innovative techniques and has set the gold standard for anesthesia care for children with autism spectrum disorder and high anxieties

Dr. Antosh brought a team of Dayton Children's employees together that knew there was a better way to meet the needs of these children without resorting to pre-surgery calming medication. Together they found a way to create a more relaxed, sensory friendly environment to soothe and distract kids before surgery, by creating the pre-op sensory friendly rooms!

Since the start of our sensory program, the experience has help reduce the amount of pre-surgery calming medicine from 90% down to 20% of patients and has expanded to other areas of the hospital including in our lab and imaging department and our south campus surgery center.

"It was an honor to receive this award, which is a reflection of the entire perioperative department, who has worked so hard to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for our neurodiverse patient population, said Dr. Antosh. "This recognition is even more special coming at the end of April, which is Autism Acceptance Month.

To learn more about Dr. Antosh, click here.

Karen Muller, child life manager - provider award

For 39 years, Karen has been a friendly face helping patients at Dayton Children's cope with illness, injury, treatment and procedures. Under Karen's leadership, the child life team has continued to grow and adapt to meet the needs of patients at Dayton Children's, including starting the canine co-pilots program!

In 2021, Dayton Children's welcomed two new furry, four-legged friends - Millie and Peppermint - with the start of the canine co-pilots program. In May 2022, the program expanded with the addition of the newest facility dog, Addie. 

Facility dogs are different than therapy dogs and are trained specifically for medical procedures and situation, more like a member of the care team. Facility dogs will work with child life to help calm patients during certain procedures, encourage kids to get up and move around even when they're feeling sick, comfort kids who have experienced trauma and more.

When ask what keeps Karen inspired to provide this support, she said, "Giving patients the opportunity to still be kids even though they are going through a tough time is rewarding. Some of the most rewarding moments are when patients are able to complete procedures with child life support, especially when parents are not convinced their child will be able complete a procedure without sedation."

"I was surprised and honored to receive this health care hero award," said Karen, "It was a privilege to be recognized along with other healthcare professionals from multiple organizations and to represent Dayton Children’s."

Joseph Ross, MD, pediatric cardiologist - provider award

Dr. Ross discovered his passion for cardiology during his fellowship, thanks to a great mentor that allowed him to be as hands on and involved as possible with his cardiology patients. He has been a pediatric cardiologist at Dayton Children's for over 34 years!

During his time here at Dayton Children's, Dr. Ross has developed a special interest in caring for his patients beyond the walls of the hospital. Dr. Ross and his wife volunteer each year at Flying Horse Farms, a camp for kids with serious illnesses, including heart disease. He has also served on their board of directors since 2012. He enjoys having camp as another topic of conversation when his patients visit him in clinic!

"Dr. Ross makes it possible for children to leave their illness behind and enjoy the fun of camp," Dr. Bethany Uhl said. "His involvement ... has helped shape Flying Horse Farms into a leading medical camp serving more than 1,000 campers every year."

He has been named as one of America's Best Doctors several times and now - a health care hero innovator!

"It is always a pleasure being recognized for providing health care and providing opportunities for children with medical handicaps, but like many other activities, it is made possible by a TEAM of individuals, not just one," says Dr. Ross. "I have been extremely fortunate to  be engaged with so many people who share a similar vision, and we have collectively been able to put a great plan into place with some wonderful outcomes. My thanks to my wife and "our team" for making it work."

To learn more about Dr. Ross, click here.


Congratulations Dr. Antosh, Dr. Ross and Karen!

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