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down syndrome clinic

specialty care for children with Down syndrome

Dayton Children’s provides comprehensive evaluations, treatment planning and referrals for children with Down syndrome.

your child’s first appointment 

Your child’s first appointment in the down syndrome clinic will last about 90 minutes. It will include a physical examination and a detailed conversation with the doctor about your child. 

Parents sometimes want to speak to our genetic counselor about the role of genetics in down syndrome, and the risk that any future children may be born with this condition. Please let us know in advance of your appointment if you would like to meet with our genetic counselor.

At the end of this appointment, you will receive written notes about your visit and our initial recommendations. Later, after our team has an opportunity to talk more about your child’s needs, you will receive a comprehensive, written treatment plan. This plan could include:

  • Making referrals to other specialists at Dayton Children’s to identify and treat any problems associated with down syndrome, such as low muscle tone, breathing problems, heart defects, poor vision or hearing and developmental delays.
  • Recommending resources in our community that can provide support and help

follow-up care

We will want to see your child regularly to see how he or she is responding to the treatment plan and recommend additional therapy or testing if needed. We will schedule follow-up appointments at the end of each visit. These appointments usually take about an hour.

additional resources

The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association provides life-enriching opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and their communities, through improving awareness, increasing acceptance and promoting inclusion.

Growth charts can help you and the health care team monitor how your child is growing compared to other kids with Down syndrome.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a comprehensive guide for families of children with Down syndrome. You can download it from this website.

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For more information about the developmental pediatrics program at Dayton Children’s, please call 937-641-4073. Appointments are available with a physician referral.

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