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3/20/23 employee experience

pediatrics is where Peter is meant to be

At Dayton Children's, we are proud to have dedicated nurses that go above and beyond every day to help our patients. To celebrate national certified nurses day, we spoke with Peter Inzitari about his experience as a nurse at Dayton Children’s.

Peter worked as an EMT for 10 years, a career he pursued because he wanted the chance to give back to his community by helping those around him. On January 30, Peter made a career change and joined the Dayton Children’s nursing staff as a registered nurse (RN).

“I always found that pediatrics was where I was meant to be,” said Peter. “I am, by nature, silly. I love cheesy jokes. I felt that the simplistic way children saw the world always made my day brighter.”

Peter chose to become a nurse, because it allowed him to help more people in a positive way. As an EMT, he was helping one person at a time. As a nurse, he could help change the lives of many children at once.

Peter’s motivation to help others comes from his own experience with a medical condition. When he was 18, Peter was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a rare cornea condition that doctors said would eventually leave him blind. A clinical trial and surgery saved Peter’s vision, but to him, the most important part was how his experience impacted his outlook on life.

“In a blink of an eye my life changed,” he said. “Kids at Dayton Children's go through this feeling every single day. I can't always relate to what they are going through, but I can relate to the feeling of having a life altering illness.”

Peter aims to remind each of his patients that they are not defined by their illnesses. He always wants the children he works with to continue being silly and having fun, even during the hardest moments.

Whether it is joking with the kids, complimenting their stuffed animal companions or giving them the medical attention they need, Peter is there to help!

“It's not the medicine that makes a difference, it's the nurses who go the extra mile to make sure our patients are as happy and healthy as they possibly can be,” Peter said. “I feel Dayton Children’s does a phenomenal job of that.”

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