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5/21/24 blog post

the unique role helping spine patients at Dayton Children's

get to know: Dayton Children’s spine nurse navigator

Few children’s hospitals see as many patients with scoliosis and other spinal conditions as the orthopedic center at Dayton Children’s.

We specialize in all types of treatment for scoliosis, including innovative surgical techniques like ApiFix and the BandLoc spinal procedure. And, helping us care for these patients is Taylor Powell, spine nurse navigator.

Taylor serves as an educator and liaison throughout a patient’s entire spine surgery journey. This position is unique to our program and sets us apart from other scoliosis programs. 

We sat down with Taylor to learn more about her role on Dayton Children’s spine team.

What is your role on Dayton Children’s spine team?
I am the spine nurse navigator here at Dayton Children's. My job is to help make your spine surgery journey above & beyond your expectations! I am here to help support you, guide you, educate you, and prepare you & your family for upcoming spine surgery.

How do you work with patients/families that have spine surgery at Dayton Children’s?
Once the decision is made that a patient needs spine surgery, that is when I become part of their care team! I will call and introduce myself to the family and create a care plan with them to ensure all clearances, imaging, and appointments are completed before surgery to verify they are in their best shape for surgery. Then, I will have them come in for a pre-op teaching appointment with me where we discuss education that pertains to pre-surgery, surgery day, inpatient stay and post-operative care.

I give them a tour of the unit they will be going to after surgery and make sure they feel confident for surgery day. After surgery, I follow them every day while they are in the hospital and will visit them during their stay.

When they go home, I call and check in with them to make sure they are doing okay and review care details. My favorite part of my role is the relationship I build with my patients and their families.

I am their advocate and liaison throughout their entire spine surgery journey and I get to watch how resilient they are!

It means so much to me to see my patients recover and get back to their daily activities. I am always there to answer questions, help navigate any problems, and cheer them on.

What is something you want your colleagues and the community to know about the spine team at Dayton Children’s?
The Dayton Children's spine team is here for YOU! Everything we do is patient-centered and is designed to ensure that our patients have the best possible outcomes. We truly care about our patients and their families during what can be a scary time for them and always strive to give them the best possible care and experience they can receive.

I am so lucky to work with incredible, compassionate physicians who are committed to always going above and beyond for our kids. Our spine team is innovative and always improving our practice to ensure we bring in the latest and most relevant treatment for scoliosis.

I am truly so proud of our team and care we provide! 

Dayton Children's spinal patient, Allison Mundey

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Few pediatric hospitals see as many pediatric patients with scoliosis and other spinal conditions as the orthopedic center at Dayton Children’s.

We specialize in all types of treatment for scoliosis and other spinal problems, including non-surgical and minimally invasive.

Our doctors are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation, including being involved in the early development of ApiFix and BandLoc spinal surgery. 

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