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ApiFix’s Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID-C) System is a posterior dynamic deformity correction system device that allows our spine surgeons to perform a surgical curve correction while retaining spine flexibility with a least invasive approach. The MID-C system has been used to treat more than 300 young patients internationally that were diagnosed with progressive scoliosis with follow-up exceeding eight years. 

ApiFix offers substantial benefits over a traditional fusion surgery to straighten a curved spine, including a smaller incision, faster operation and shorter hospital stay. It acts as an internal brace and naturally expands as the child grows or exercises.

The ApiFix device patient recovery is relatively pain-free and is measured in days, not months. Most patients are discharged from the hospital in 1-2 days and return to school in 1-2 weeks!

The spine team at Dayton Children's has performed more ApiFix procedures than nearly anywhere in the United States.