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what to expect at your first appointment with The Center for the Female Athlete

Yay! We are so excited you’re starting this journey for your physical, nutritional, and emotional wellness by joining the Center for the Female Athlete. We’re so happy you’re here.

The Center for the Female Athlete is facilitated by an exceptional female-led team of physicians, registered dietitians, behavioral health specialists and athletic trainers that have ran, walked and trained in your shoes! As former athletes themselves, they know what it takes to be a competitive athlete and the unique needs that female athletes encounter each day.

Now that you’ve taken the first step and made an appointment, here’s some information about what you can expect when you meet with our team.

about your first appointment - why the time is worth it!

Your first appointment with the Center for the Female Athlete will take approximately 2 ½ hours. We know, it’s a lot of time, but it’s well worth it! You'll get a chance to meet with an athletic trainer, behavioral health specialist, registered dietitian and sports medicine provider.  

Meeting with all of them at once makes it more convenient and allows them to develop a comprehensive care plan to meet your individual needs. Because you’ll be meeting with the entire care team during one appointment, it’s also more cost-effective than meeting with each provider individually. You can meet the team ahead of time here. 


pre-game - what to know before your first appointment

You’ll receive several text reminders leading up to your appointment. If you encounter a scheduling conflict or aren’t feeling well and need to reschedule—no problem! Please call the clinic directly 937-641-4876, we’ll find a better time to meet.

For your appointment, please wear comfortable clothing. We’ll be doing a functional movement screen, so you’ll need to wear clothes that you can move in.

We’ll provide you with a welcome kit that includes educational handouts, a notebook and pen for notetaking throughout your different consultations.

the big day - your first appointment

To kick-off your appointment with the Center for the Female Athlete, you’ll be met by one of our licensed athletic trainers. She’ll talk to you about the program and get more information about your health history and sport, including past or present injuries you want us to be aware of. From there, she’ll take you through a functional movement screening designed to evaluate how you move through a series of exercises.

After meeting with our athletic trainer, you’ll meet with our behavioral health therapist to explore your current coping tools and help you identify ways to be mindful of your overall health and well-being, while still focused on your performance. Next, you’ll meet with our registered dietitian to review any nutritional questions or concerns you may have, review your current diet nutritional habits, and discuss the unique nutrition needs of female athletes for overall well-being.

After these initial consultations and conversations, our sports medicine provider will review and fully explain your initial results. She will work with you on goal setting and developing a holistic treatment plan to address any areas of concern.

There is no “typical” Female Athlete patient, so everyone’s treatment plan will look different. We are committed to addressing your individual needs and working together to help you reach your goals.

Have questions before your appointment? We have answers! Give us a call at 937-641-4876.

we can't wait to meet you

Is the Center for The Female Athlete right for your daughter? Book a free consult with one of our athletic trainers to find out! Consults are available Monday - Friday and can be booked online at a time convenient for you. 

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