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2/14/19news article

worried about water?

doctor answers parents concerns about potentially contaminated water

As a precaution and to conserve water following a water outage in Montgomery County, on February 13 at 8:00 pm, Dayton Children's moved to bottled water until 7:00 am on February 14. Our partners at Pepsi were ready to deliver as much bottled water as necessary, if needed. When it was determined that Dayton Children’s water quality was not affected, all normal water activity (for drinking, cooking, etc.) resumed. The water at all Dayton Children’s locations is safe to drink.

For parents who may be concerned if their child drank water shortly before the boil advisory was announced, Thomas Krzmarzyck, MD, chief, division of emergency medicine at Dayton Children's has some advice. "For the most part, depending on how much exposure they had, kids handle these things fairly well. If they are impacted, they will have some vomiting, an upset stomach, some diarrhea but it should pass within a day or two. The thing you want to watch out for is extreme vomiting, extreme diarrhea where the child becomes dehydrated. Then they need some additional care. Call your pediatrician, or if you need to, you can always bring your child to the emergency department."

Thomas R. Krzmarzick, MD

division chief emergency medicine
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