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11/10/23 blog post

celebrating family: 3 activities for meaningful connection

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what makes a family? 

There is no right or wrong answer. A family is who and what you make it. There are all kinds of families, and a family isn’t just the people you are biologically related to. Family can be made up of grandparents, family friends, two moms, two dads, foster families, aunts and uncles, siblings, stepsiblings, half-siblings, or no siblings...the list is endless! 

Together with your child, reflect on the question, “What makes a family?” During this discussion talk about what family means to them, what it means to you and who makes up your family! It is also important to talk to kids about the different kinds of families they could encounter so they can have a better understanding about the world as a whole and that not all families look the same

3 family-centered activities to create lasting memories 

Celebrating family is a great way to reinforce the connections you have. Here are a few connecting activities to celebrate with your family. 

1. Coordinate a family portrait show and tell 

Step 1: Have each family member draw, color, or paint a picture of the family. This can be a photo of the family doing an activity, or just being themselves.  

Step 2: Have some time where each family member can share their family portrait with others in their family and explain what they’ve drawn.  

Step 3: Find a place where you can display and share the family portraits for everyone to see. 

2.Create a poster of your family’s positive values 

Step 1: Decide on a movie to watch together as a family or a book to read together.  

Step 2: Discuss the positive values that are portrayed in the movie or book. For example, if you choose to watch Frozen, some values that you may find are:  

  • Loving and protecting YOUR family 
  • Letting go of perfection 
  • Being okay with feeling your feelings  
  • Expressing empathy and acceptance for others 
  • Self-acceptance  

Step 3: Once you have identified some positive values, discuss the values that you want to be part of your family’s values and write them on a poster board.  

Step 4: Display your family values poster in the home where everyone can see! 

3. Collaborate on a family photo album 

Step 1: Talk with your family about their favorite memories and photos from the past year or past few years. Collect photos of these favorite memories. If you don’t have a family picture of your favorite activity, get one taken by a friend! 

Step 2: Print the photos to put in a photo album or scrap book. Alternatively, you can work to make a photo album online and get it printed. You could also create a digital scrapbook photo album on your phone to save money. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you work together as a family to pull together the memories.  

Step 3: Remember to pull the photo album out occasionally to remember these positive moments and discuss as a family.  

start the conversation about your family  

You can use these conversation starters as you are working on one of the above activities! 

  • Who makes up our family? 
  • What are some things that make our family special or unique? 
  • What are some ways we can celebrate our family?  

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