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3/28/22 blog post

go from a speedy eater to a mindful one!

slow down to enjoy your food and help feel when you're full!

Are you a speedy eater?

Can you clean your plate before everyone else in the family even has a chance to plate their food?

Well, I want you to slowwww downnnn - Become more sloth-like!

When you take a bite of food, take a moment to really look at what you are eating.

  • Can you see the colors and the textures?
  • What does it smell like?

Really chew your food! Use those teeth to chomp up the food and turn it into mush. This will help you digest your food.

  • When you are chewing, can you taste the flavors? Think like a chef and identify what you taste. Is the food salty, sweet, crunchy, soft, spicy?
  • Spend 5-10 chews on each bite before you swallow.

Once you swallow, set down your fork and take a sip of water.

Can you spend 15-20 minutes eating your plate of food?

By slowing down, we will take more pleasure in eating. We will recognize our sense of fullness better. This may help us with our portion sizes, and with digestion.

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Melissa King, DO

Healthy Me
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