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5/13/11blog post

listen up!………ways to protect your hearing

Approximately 5.2 million (12.5%) children and adolescents have suffered permanent damage to their hearing caused by excessive noise exposure. This occurs from damage to the structures of the inner ear and/or nerve fibers resulting in permanent hearing loss. It can occur from a single exposure to an extremely loud blast or from exposure over a period of time. Children and adolescents affected by noise induced hearing loss not only experience issues with effective communication, but they also have difficulties with learning, especially in noisy environments such as the classroom. So what can we do for ourselves and our children to protect the hearing we still have?

The following are a few ways to help reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss:

  • Keep the volume at half-volume.
  • Limit your listening time and give your ears a rest.
  • Model good listening habits for your children.
  • Use ear protection when exposed to loud noises

If you have concerns for your child’s hearing, please contact the Audiology Department at (937) 641-3424 to schedule a hearing test.

Our guest blogger, Krista Winner
After graduating from Miami University with her masters in Audiology and doctorate of Audiology from the University of Florida, Krista has been a clinical audiologist with the Audiology Department at the Dayton Children’s for the last 7 years.