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10/19/17 blog post

getting a handle on the cost of epinephrine

By Dr. David Morris

It was nearly one year ago when Heather Bresch (CEO of Mylan—makers of EpiPen) had to answer before congress for the 500 percent increase in EpiPen prices. For families using this vital product to treat their children who suffer from life threatening allergies this was unthinkable!

Fast forward one year and the landscape for patient choice has definitely changed for the better.  Patients now have several lower cost options.  The following list details the current options (in no particular order).  Videos on use of the products and payment assistance have been included where available.

*Commercial insurance: Includes most non-government run plans. Please consult with your insurer and product manufacturer prior to making any purchasing decisions.  Unfortunately, uninsured patients cannot take advantage of these savings.

Disclaimer: The above information is not meant to endorse any specific product and is provided for the benefit of patient choice. Dayton Children’s Hospital has no relationship with any of the entities above. 

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