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patient name: Jonathan Wills  

age: 7-years-old  

condition: allergies  

seen in: allergy and immunology  

provider: David Morris, MD  


Jonathan is a very active 7-year-old participating in soccer, basketball, baseball and flag-football. Outside of sports, he enjoys helping his mom in the kitchen and being creative. But you’d never know that Jonathan struggles with severe allergies.  

When Jonathan was about 10 months old, he started getting rashes on his body and struggled with constant itching. Jonathan’s mom, Chatona, tried different lotions and oatmeal baths but they didn’t provide any relief. “Jonathan was itching and bleeding all the time. He would get so upset and be crying and I just felt helpless for him,” says Chatona. At a year old, Jonathan’s pediatrician referred him to Dayton Children’s allergy and immunology department.  

After some initial bloodwork at the PCP, Jonathan tested positive for being allergic to milk, eggs, soy, pistachios and peanut butter. “Luckily, we hadn’t introduced nut products to Jonathan yet, or we may have found out his nut allergy the hard way,” says Chatona.  

Dr. Morris, chief of allergy and immunology at Dayton Children’s, started Jonathan on topical steroids hoping

that they would help with his eczema and give him some relief from itching, but they didn’t work. “We tried steroids, Hydrozyzine, immune suppressants, daily Benadryl and Zyrtec, different body washes and lotions” shares Chatona. But nothing seemed to be providing Jonathan relief.  

In 2020, Jonathan was camping and got stung by something that resulted in a trip to the emergency department. “Jonathan blew up and got hives all over his body and went into anaphylactic shock,” says Chatona. At the emergency department, Jonathan was given an epinephrine injection and got the reaction under control.  

After Jonathan’s camping adventure, Dr. Morris thought it would be necessary to run more tests to see if there was anything else that Jonathan was allergic to. Through skin testing, they found out that Jonathan was also allergic to ragweed, mold, tree pollen, grass and other environmental factors, and seafood.

“I just thought, how am I supposed to keep Jonathan safe when he’s allergic to life?” shares Chatona.  

After four years of dealing with these allergies and not finding anything that worked for Jonathan, Dr. Morris suggested an option that typically children can’t start on until they are 6 years old. Chatona was willing to try it to get relief for her son.  

Dr. Morris contacted a colleague of his at Bexley Dermatology Research in Columbus, Ohio who was able to get some samples of Dupixent, a shot that is given monthly to treat severe allergies, for Jonathan to try.  

“The Dupixent shot has changed our lives,” shares Chatona. “Jonathan is a totally different kid ever since he started the shot.” While still maintaining Benadryl when needed and daily Zyrtec, Jonathan has gotten his routine down and is feeling so much better.  

“We appreciate Dr. Morris for his help in getting us on the right path with Jonathan’s allergies. He has been so wonderful in making sure that Jonathan has what he needs,” says Chatona.  

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