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10/31/21 blog post

afterschool program brings resources and fun to families

first family night for the Center for Health Equity's 21st Century Afterschool Program


It was a spook-tacular night of fun at Kiser Elementary on Halloween as the 21st Century Afterschool program (operated by the Center for Health Equity) hosted a Spooky STEM night.   

The 21st Century Afterschool program is a part of the strategy created by the newly opened Center for Health Equity to invest in resources for optimal child health. Over thirty children participate in evidence-based learning activities with staff every day after school and, once a month, families are invited to attend and participate in the fun.   

The Spooky STEM night was the first family fun night of the year. The activities started with a bike safety lesson led by a group of University of Dayton engineering students. These students are part of the Wheels for Kids organization and volunteer their time fixing bicycles to donate. The best surprise of the night was when the children were told they would each get the chance to take a bicycle home! Eleven of the bikes were donated by Bicycles for All, an organization run by Matt Tepper, a resident of the Old North Dayton neighborhood. This shows how the community is dedicated to supporting the mission of the Center for Health Equity and our neighborhood children.  

After the bike safety lesson and give-away, the families sat together for a healthy dinner. Continuing with the “bike” theme of the night, the children made delicious fruit smoothies by blending ingredients on the “smoothie bike.” This bike teaches them how to ride safely, get exercise, and create a balanced snack to enjoy.   

Of course, the fun didn’t stop there. Pumpkin carving, S’mores and STEM stations kept students, staff and parents busy and focused on learning together in creative ways. Kudos to the 21st Century Afterschool program staff for making this night a “screaming” success.