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5/23/16blog post

4 ways the FitBit can change your home

Friends Getting HealthyAre you wearing one—a Fitbit? Mine, a Fitbit Flex, appeared on my wrist months ago. I had to ask my University of Dayton students how to operate the sleep function! Our youngest son loves telling me how many lights pop up which indicates the number of steps I have achieved for the day.

Activity recommendation: adults need 150 minutes of moderate activity a week (that’s 30 minutes for five days!) plus two days of weight bearing exercises; children need 60 minutes a day of being active including two days of strengthening activities.

How is the Fitbit changing me?

I am “friends” with several friends and colleagues—by viewing how well they “step,” it encourages me to “step” a little more. Weeks ago, a co-worker friend invited myself and another dietitian to a “Workweek Hustle” challenge (via the Fitbit App). We were able to view each other’s progress and by midnight Friday, a winner was announced. We had fun walking with each other (Dayton Children’s allows walking meetings), cheering the other on and pushing the other at 9:oo pm to walk! Recently, I ramped up my steps goal from 10,000 to 15,000—often reaching my goal.

4 ways the FitBit can change your home:

  1. Involve the family. Often, I tell our kids how many steps I need to reach my daily goal and they have to “help” me before they can have electronic time. Recently, we played kickball (FYI: a “good” inning resulted in 500 steps).
  2. Walk your environment. My neighbors see me walk out front of the house, up and down the sidewalk, if no one is home to watch our youngest son. Or, I will make extra trips up and down the steps cleaning the house or doing laundry.
  3. Take the steps. Step extra at home, on your break or rather than taking the elevator.
  4. Park far from buildings. Now, I really do park far from the entrance at work (I moved to the larger lot and park in the very back) or at stores.

Bottom line: The Fitbit craze has been fun for the entire family and is keeping us mindful of our activity. One doesn’t have to buy a Fitbit—download an activity app or schedule a walk or kickball with your children. In the end, do something you enjoy and keep the family active!