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Elliana, 6, has an annual appointment with nephrologist Dr. Omoloja to monitor her kidney function due to hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Her original appointment was scheduled for March 18 and her mom, Casey, was contemplating cancelling it given the COVID-19 outbreak and wanting to keep her family home. But, after receiving a phone call directly from Dr. Omoloja, they decided to move Elliana’s in-person visit to a virtual one.

“It was so easy,” said Casey. “Within an hour, I had all the instructions. Because we already use MyKidsChart, we just had to download the Zoom app. The next day, I picked up my phone at 12:30 and there he was!”

Beyond wanting to practice safe social distancing, Casey said the video visit was also a success because of the anxiety Elliana often feels when she comes to the hospital.                                                          

“We were able to just do the appointment from our couch. Dr. Omoloja was light and joking around, which really put her at ease.”

Because Elliana had done lab work a week prior to her appointment, Dr. Omoloja was able to review her results and have all of her critical information in front of him for her visit. Based on her results and their virtual consultation, Dr. Omoloja gave her a clean bill of health!