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Surgical Conditions

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery is a type of procedure done without the use of a large incision (cut).


The muscle that makes up the heart is called the myocardium. Myocarditis is when this muscle gets inflamed (swollen).


A baby born with an omphalocele has an opening where the umbilical cord goes into the belly. Some openings close on their own, but many need treatment, including surgery.

Orofacial Clefts

A cleft is when tissues of the mouth or lip don't form properly when a baby is developing in the womb. The good news is that orofacial clefts are treatable.

Quick Summary: Treating Indirect Inguinal Hernia

An inguinal hernia happens when part of the intestines slips into the groin (where the belly meets the upper leg) instead of staying in the belly as it should. Doctors fix inguinal (IN-gwuh-nul) hernias with surgery.

Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome happens when the small intestine is too short to fully absorb nutrients as it should. Kids with the condition often need to get nutrition through a special IV into a vein.

Sinonasal Tumors

A sinonasal tumor is a growth in the nose, the space behind the nose, or in the sinuses. The tumors can be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).

Splenic Sequestration

Splenic sequestration is when too many blood cells get stuck in the spleen. This medical emergency can happen to people, usually kids, who have sickle cell disease.

Stem Cell Transplants

Stem cells help rebuild a weakened immune system. Stem cell transplants are effective treatments for a wide range of diseases, including cancer.

Surgery for Tear Duct Blockage

Blocked tear ducts are a fairly common problem in infants. Sometimes surgery is done to treat them.