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Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Dayton Children’s! We are very fortunate to have groups like yours that want to support our patients and their families. Please complete the event registration form below to start the process of hosting an event. We'll get back to you within five business days. Please submit this form at least 30 days before your fundraiser.

I understand the completion of this form does not mean, and may not be construed to mean, that the proposed event has been approved by Dayton Children’s Hospital. The event’s sponsor must receive confirmation indicating approval of the event from the hospital before any publicity may be released. Dayton Children’s reserves the right to request additional information about a proposed event or its sponsors before considering approval of the event. The event sponsor(s) agree to indemnify and hold Dayton Children’s Hospital harmless from any claims of any nature arising from or related to, the proposed event. Furthermore, understand that nothing in this proposal shall be construed to authorize the sponsoring organization or any representative thereof to act as an agent of Dayton Children’s Hospital.

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For further questions about supporting Dayton Children's please call us at 937-641-3405 or send us an email. 

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