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8/17/22 blog post

what you need to know about the MamaRoo and RockaRoo recall

This recall does not affect the total product and can be fixed


You may have recently seen that 4moms issued a recall on their MamaRoo Baby Swing and RockaRoo Baby Rockers. This recall does not affect the total product but does require parents and caregivers who own the product to reach out to 4moms to receive a fastener for a loose strap. 

The bad news: if you have a crawling infant, please stop using these items until you’ve addressed the loose strap.  

The good news: This is an easy fix! You’ll be able to use your MamaRoo’s and RockaRoo’s again as soon as you receive your free fastener and install it on the swing.   

While these products have issued a safety recall; loose straps, chords and strings should all be addressed when you have a mobile infant or toddler. Here are a few tips from Dayton Children’s to help get your house ready for rolling, scooting and crawling infants!  

  • Secure TVs and furniture to walls to avoid tip-overs. 
  • Discuss fall risks around decks, windows and stairs with children.
  • Use gates to prevent falls for young children.
  • Pay special attention to features that are new to your child.
  • Use outlet covers, cabinet locks and other child-proofing devices.  
  • Remove loose chords, straps and strings that could cause strangulation.  
  • Attach screens to windows, or use window locks to prevent falls.  
  • Check toys to make sure there aren’t any small parts that could cause a child to choke. 

Check out the Make Safe Happen App to learn more about how to keep kids safe around the house. 

Do you have questions or concerns about keeping your children safe around the house?  Ask them here!