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4/6/11blog post

rub a dub, dub...always watch kids in the tub!

Dayton Children’s New Mommy Safety Blogger, Jessica Saunders

Last week I was interviewed on the news regarding the importance of watching children in the bathtub after an infant was left alone – for just a second – and nearly drowned.

While I don’t know the details of the specific case, as an injury prevention professional I always think it’s important to respect those who have been injured but also use the situation as an opportunity to educate other parents.

Many times these unintentional injuries happen in a blink of an eye – and they can happen to anyone!

Little kids can drown in less than one inch of water. In 2010, Dayton Children’s saw 4 near-drownings for children younger than 2. These near-drowinings usually occur in the bathtub for this age group. As parents, it’s so important that we keep their environments safe!

So here are a few reminders about bathtime:

  1. Before you event turn on the water and put baby in the tub, make sure you have everything that you need right next to you. This includes towels, washclothes, soap, shampoo and your rinsing device.
  2. Make sure to test the water before you put your child in the tub. A child’s skin is thinner than an adults and can burn much faster in scalding water.
  3. Turn off your cell phone. A child in a bathtub requires constant attention. Your cell phone (or the nearly extinct home phone) can wait!
  4. Ignore the front door. Once again – never leave your child alone – even if the doorbell rings.
  5. Enjoy the time. Bath time is a great bonding time for parents and kids. Show them your undivided attention – they will appreciate it!

And if you have an infant, a baby bath tub is a good idea. The angle of the tub will help free your hands so that you can wash baby!