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2/7/12blog post

right care. right now. right here. Superbowl commercials!

Did you watch the Super Bowl on a local Dayton channel? If you did, you might have seen the newest Dayton Children’s commercials highlighting our critical care services! These three commercial spots which highlight cancer care, newborn intensive care and trauma are all a part of a longer video that showcases Dayton Children’s as the only pediatric referral center in the region. Missed the commercials? Don’t worry, they will be running throughout the year on shows such as American Idol and many others!

Check them out below and let us know what you think!

toddler and preschool age diabetes support group (virtual)

The constant work it takes to manage diabetes well can be very overwhelming. Often it helps to talk with others who have been there too. RSVP to attend!

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