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2/27/20news article

regarding Dr. Ramey

In his professional role, Dr. Ramey was an advocate for children’s mental wellness and a frequent speaker on issues of child endangerment and exploitation.  Therefore, we were blindsided by the allegations of inappropriate behavior in his personal life. Nothing in the performance of his professional role created any suspicions. We are shocked and deeply troubled by these allegations, which are in stark contrast to our mission and core values.

To be clear, the charges do not include any activity at Dayton Children’s, nor was any inappropriate material found on or accessed via Dayton Children’s devices.

When notified of the investigation, we placed Dr. Ramey on a leave of absence and suspended all contact with the hospital. Two days later, we terminated Dr. Ramey’s employment. We shared with staff, patients and their families what we could at the time, pending the active investigation. We actively cooperated with authorities during the investigation. We want to thank the Beavercreek Police Department and the Ohio Attorney General’s office for their dedication and their assistance during this difficult time.

We are relentless advocates of protecting our most vulnerable population. There is simply no place for any behavior that exploits children.  We will continue to work diligently on that front.

We also remain committed to improving access to behavioral health services for children. We have named John Duby, MD, chair of the department of pediatrics and vice president of community health, as vice president of behavioral health. We have full confidence that he and the dedicated staff who already do so much for so many children will continue to reinvent the path to mental and behavioral wellbeing for our children.