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12/1/23 blog post

the ultimate list of meaningful gifts from the heart

child smiling with a present

“Maybe Christmas (he thought) doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” — The Grinch 

The holidays can sometimes be focused on giving and receiving the perfect gift. We can sometimes get caught up in trying to get and give the latest gadgets, the shiniest new toys or the trendiest fashions. But during this season we can set an example for our kids by giving gifts from the heart.  

"A gift from the heart doesn’t cost a thing but can be the connection a child needs to help them feel important,” says Emily Weitz, On Our Sleeves’ children’s mental health expert. "When we give a gift from the heart, we show someone that we truly see them for who they are and that we appreciate them being a part of our lives.”  

Here’s the On Our Sleeves’ ultimate list of meaningful gifts you can give from the heart this year.  

  1. The Gift of Appreciation:  Notice and speak up about the little things people do every day.  

  2. The Gift of Love: Give a hug and tell them what you love about them or leave a note about what you love about them to find! 

  3. The Gift of Time: Set aside special time to play or talk with someone you love.  

  4. The Gift of Positive Self-Esteem: Give a specific and sincere compliment to someone and watch them smile.  

  5. The Gift of Understanding: Listen to someone explain their thoughts and feelings without interruption.  

  6. The Gift of Peace: Spend quiet time together just enjoying the moment and being mindful. 

  7. The Gift of Laughter: Do something silly and enjoy laughing together.  

  8. The Gift of Memories: Share a favorite positive memory with each other. 

  9. The Gift of Help and Support : Do a task together instead of just doing it all by yourself. Notice how it is more fun and gets done quicker. 

  10. The Gift of Kindness: Do something nice for someone else to brighten their day. 

how to use this list for a joyful holiday season

Take a look at this gift list with your child and see how many gifts you can give this season! We hope you also challenge yourself to give all these gifts to the children in your life and set an example for them to give these gifts to others in their lives. You can use the examples we provided or find your own way to give from the heart! 

Learn more about how gratitude and giving positively impact mental health by reading our Gratitude Around the Holidays blog. 

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