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5/2/22blog post

how asking the right questions encourages conversations

On Our Sleeves has a free resource to help start the conversation

Developing healthy children who build meaningful relationships requires one very important step: having conversations. The most important relationship to a child is the one they develop with a parent or caregiver. The caregiver serves as the child’s foundation as they grow and change into mature adults. The caregiver’s relationship with a child also sets the stage for that child's future relationships. The best way to build a strong foundation for these relationships is to create safe spaces for children to feel that they can talk with you.   

Children who have conversations are better equipped to: 

  • Learn how to make friends 
  • Learn how to appropriately get their needs met 
  • Learn social skills 
  • Strengthen their bonds with family  
  • Learn empathy  
  • Build a strong, connected foundation 

The more that having conversations becomes a natural part of family life, the more likely parents will be able to notice changes in a child’s behavior like feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression or other challenges. Children will also be more comfortable talking with adults they trust having conversations with about tough subjects like relationships, school struggles, problems with peers, sexual behaviors, substance use, their future plans and goals, death of a friend or family member, stressful current events...and much more. 

Having conversations sounds simple enough. But have you ever asked your child how their day was only to be met with a monotone answer of, “fine.” Starting the conversation may not be as simple as you think. But don’t worry, we have some simple solutions to help break the ice. Asking questions that make a child think and explore their own ideas and feelings is one way to start. Try asking instead: 

  • How were you brave today?  
  • What is the best thing about school? 
  • What was something that made you laugh today? 

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