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3/4/19blog post

keep calm and potty on!

when to start potty training and tips on making it successful

For many parents, the words "potty training" bring on a whole range of emotions from anxiety to fear.  But remember, no child ever went to college in diapers. So cheer up Mom and Dad, you can do this!

when to start potty training

There is no perfect moment, but there are a few signs that your toddler is ready for the challenge such as their age, gender, interest, schedule, logistics and your mental health. 

when should I start potty training my child

what to do when you start potty training

1. Stay positive! No one can perform when they are stressed out. Make the potty a fun place to sit – read stories, bring a toy. You will spend more time hanging out in the loo than you ever 1 imagined – embrace the space!

2. Develop a routine. Sit on the potty at designated times every day that are most likely to get positive results – when your child gets up in the morning, after meal times or snacks, even once every two hours or so. Explain hygiene – how and when to wipe, flushing and handwashing.

3. Watch for cues. Does your child get red in the face or grunt when they are pooping? Do they stand up to pee? Noticing these things can help you set up the routine from number 2 (on the list… not the other number 2… you know what I mean!)

4. Praise – then praise again. Make a big deal of seeing the poo-poo in the potty. Enjoy the whooshing noise as the toilet is flushed.* Use ways that your child values the most to encourage his behavior. Tell her what a good job she is doing and reward her.

5. Accidents happen. Don’t sweat it. Whether you are 3 or 33, sometimes you just don’t make it to the 5 bathroom! Clean up the mess and refer to number 1 (on the list… sheesh!)

Remember that staying positive and calm will overcome all hurdles in the end. Here’s to positive pottying!

Some kids are really frightened by automatic flushing toilets in public restrooms – consider yourself warned!