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5/1/24 blog post

this is how we roll - all things electric

let’s roll safe, every time!

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With a rise in motorized scooters and bikes and the availability of hoverboards and other electric wheeled vehicles, Dayton Children’s has a few key safety tips to remember before venturing out on an electric or motor-assisted wheeled vehicle:

  • Helmets are more important than ever on these vehicles. Be sure to wear a helmet, bright clothing, other safety gear including wrist guards and knee pads and use lights at night.
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  • Before attempting to ride a motorized scooter or bike, be sure your child is comfortable and skilled on the non-motorized version of the vehicle.
  • Practice somewhere with little to no traffic before riding on a bike path or the road.
  • Some of these vehicles are not designed for kids. Make sure the vehicle is age-appropriate and a good fit for your child. 
  • Avoid riding e-bikes and e-scooters on sidewalks and park paths where there are pedestrians present, the speed of these vehicles puts others on the path at risk.

a note on hoverboards:

There is a risk of hoverboards catching fire. Be sure to only buy hoverboards from reputable sources, check for the UL safety certification mark on the hoverboard and only use the charging cord that came with the hoverboard. This will help prevent the hoverboard from catching fire.

...and now you are ready to roll!


download the electric vehicles safety flyer

Click below to download and print these safety tips to keep kids safe today! This is how we roll!

this is how we roll - all things electric safety flyer