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9/12/22blog post

how to exercise safely outdoors

Temperatures are cooling down and the leaves are changing colors, which means fall is on its way. And with the change of seasons, comes shorter days with earlier sunsets. Whether you’re going for a run after school or training into the early evening with your favorite fall sport, there are certain safety measures that must be considered when being outdoors while it’s dark outside.

As it starts to get darker earlier in the evening, the Center for the Female Athlete team offers some tips for staying safe while running or exercising outdoors:

preparing for exercise

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing which can be easily seen by car headlights
  • Tell someone you trust about your planned running path and intended time away
  • Avoid using headphones to better hear traffic and surroundings
  • Carry an ID or a wristband with you for identification

where to exercise

  • Use run courses with sidewalks, when available
  • Familiarize yourself with your intended course before you set out
  • Follow pedestrian rules and use designated crossings
  • Run in well-lit areas, when available
  • Exercise caution if someone in a car asks you for directions. If you do answer, keep a full arm's length from the car.
  • When running on the road, run in single-file, not side-by-side and run on the left side of the road, facing on-coming traffic.

during exercise

  • Try to exercise with at least one other person
  • Run during times of day when many people are out and about
  • If you wish to carry something for personal safety, good options while running include a whistle or pepper spray

Planning and being well prepared for outdoor activity means you can safely enjoy your favorite sport or hobby year-round.