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4/22/21blog post

get your brain in shape with our mental fitness challenge

We’ve all tried to exercise, eat better…you name it. In 2021, we’re also encouraging you to practice
mental wellness.

We know mental health is just as important as physical health. Here are some ways you can keep your
brain in shape as a family!

Get enough sleep. This means everyone in the house, not just the kids. Sleep affects our physical
health and our mental health. It affects our ability to function and lack of sleep can make us feel
stressed and anxious. Sleep helps improve our mood. And we are so much more productive when
our body and mind are rested.

Find something you are thankful for every day. Take time to recognize one thing you and your
family are grateful for every day, even if it’s something small. You can do this in the morning over
breakfast; over the dinner table; or even by writing a note/email/text to someone you are grateful for.
Showing gratitude improves our overall mood, and it’s an awesome thing to teach our kids, too!

Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is focusing on one thing in the moment and pressing pause on
all your other thoughts and things you need to do. For example, go for a short walk around the
neighborhood, but while you’re walking, really pay attention. Look at the colors of the leaves, the blue
sky, listen to the sounds around you, and take a big breath in to smell the air. Just allow yourself to
be present in the moment and take a mental break. This is another great tool to teach our children.

Are you interested in other ideas to stay mentally fit? We have 22 fun and creative suggestions for you
and your family to try. Learn more about the Mental Fitness Challenge and be sure to share how you
are staying mentally fit by using #OnOurSleeves on social media.

take the challenge

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